Install Magento in Ubuntu

Thursday, December 6, 2012
To install magento in Ubuntu, first Open the terminal to run the commands.
Navigate to the directory (Inside www folder) where you need to install Magento.
$ cd /var/www 
Download magento files by using the following command:
$ wget
After the downloading process completes, just decompress the downloaded file:
$ tar -zxvf magento-
Now you can find a new folder “magento”. Just get into it.
$cd magento
Then set permissions for some folders like media, var and app/etc to 777:
$ chmod -R 777 media var
$ chmod 777 app/etc
After changing permissions, just login to mysql.
$ mysql -u username -p
and create a database. Lets say “magento” here.
mysql> create database magento1;
Then open installation wizard in browser, by navigating to the directory where magento was installed. Here:
(or use your ip)

If you face any further problem in installation ,please feel free to contact me.


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